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Jhean Cabrera,
TransEditor & Founder

Small business, professional approach

Why we do it

Hello! My name is Jhean. I’m the founder of TransEdit It and a professional translator with over ten years of expertise in different fields, including law, politics, economics, immigration, diplomacy, and banking.

Our company was formed out of concern for:

  • Clarity in communication, which is a guiding principle in translation and essential to any organization seeking engagement with a community, its employees, clients, or business partners, or simply trying to achieve its objectives. Translation assignments completed by machine translation exclusively or by non-qualified translators with frequently held misconceptions about translation prevent many organizations from achieving their goals due to lack of clarity.
  • Confidentiality,  particularly today with the advance of technology and rising scams.
  • Trust and reputation, two pillars of successful organizations that need to be maintained and prioritized.

Jhean's professional memberships:

The American Translators Association

The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators

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